Are You Avoiding Reality With Conflict in Your Workplace?

Are You Avoiding Reality With Conflict in Your Workplace?

Workplace Conflict Have You in Denial?

Do you have workplace conflict, workplace bullying, abrasive, aggressive, or obnoxious behavior in your office? How did that happen? Were you surprised that your strategies to deal with it have failed? What do you do now? Do you have to hire an expert? Probably. Here is why.

Workplace Conflict: Top Ten Myths

  1. Myth: Workplace conflict, including bullying, will disappear if you ignore it. Reality: Bullying situations rarely disappear by themselves because bullying behaviors “work” for the bully (and NOT for the organization).
  2. Myth: Workplace conflict is isolated from the company because it involves a few people doing bad things to one another. Reality: Workplace bullying and abrasive behaviors are multi-billion dollar problems due to losses from lower productivity, higher medical costs, rapid employee turnover, depressed company reputation, and a lack of respect for leaders.
  3. Myth: Workplace conflict is a personality disorder and nothing else. Reality: The dynamics of abrasive and bullying behaviors are complex and fraught with emotion, requiring highly specialized skills, experience and knowledge. It is not for the faint-at-heart.
  4. Myth: People in conflict are so aggressive that they are dangerous and should be left to managers. Reality: Managers will not confront the abrasive person because they do not know what to do and are afraid they will make things worse.
  5. Myth: You should fire the abrasive person. Reality: It’s a crucial and smart business investment not to fire the abrasive person because many abrasive people are valuable contributors to the organization.
  6. Myth: If abrasive people take a course in civility they will be all better. Reality: On or off-site “leadership, civility, or behavior-improving training” programs don’t work: These programs require abrasive or bullying persons to self-identify and then improve. Research proves that this just doesn’t happen so the problems continue.
  7. Myth: You are protected from workplace conflict because you are not directly involved. Reality: Bullying trickles up… to you. Everyone expects something to be done to stop the behavior. If you do not act, you’re branded as weak and ineffective.
  8. Myth: Nothing can be done to solve your problem. Reality: Hiring an outside expert gives you solutions based on facts and field-proven strategies. By hiring a conflict consultant you are doing the smartest and most effective thing possible to remedy the situation.
  9. Myth: Outside consultants are too expensive and cannot help. Reality: Hiring an outside expert may mitigate future costs. The costs of potential litigation, losses in productivity, potential medical costs, and potential damage to your reputation far outweigh the costs of hiring a consultant.
  10. Myth: No matter what you do, nothing will change. Reality: The potential for positive change is real. Contrary to popular belief, many abrasive and bullying individuals can be better communicators.

So how DO you deal with workplace conflict? You hire a conflict consultant.

A conflict consultant…
• confronts situations that you hope would go away by themselves.
• can save your organization from substantial costs associated with lower productivity, medical costs, rapid turnover, a depressed reputation, and a lack of respect for leaders.
• has specialized skills, experience, and knowledge to remedy complex and emotional conflict situations.
• can confront situations your managers cannot.
• understands that people accused of aggressive or “bullying” behavior cannot simply be fired because they may be key employees.
• knows “leadership, civility, or behavior improvement” training programs do not work, and instead focuses on strategies that DO work.
• can save your reputation as a leader by acting quickly to solve the problem
• offers solutions based on facts and field-proven strategies
• can mitigate FUTURE costs from litigation, loss of productivity, and damage to your reputation.

Workplace Conflict Help

Kathleen Bartle, MA, Executive Conflict Consultant, is a strategic consultant on workplace conflict to executives in the U.S. and worldwide. Her work helps organizations reduce the billions of dollars in workplace conflict costs. Her strategies include individualized solutions to bullying, abrasive behaviors and interpersonal conflict among employees.

She is committed to the best interests of her clients and has the unique ability to determine the most cost-effective long-term solutions for you.

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