Workplace Conflict

Workplace Conflict: Sound Familiar?

Do you have employees who don’t get along? If so then you know about workplace conflict. You know their complexity and the rabbit hole you go down when you try and deal with it.
The reality is, you don’t have a choice but to go down the rabbit hole and deal with workplace conflict. It’s too expensive, costing business billions of dollar every year in lost revenues, healthcare, and employee turnover. The real action is, what will you do once you jump in to the rabbit hole? Will you be like Alice and plunge ahead without any information or options, or, will you seek guidance and analyses and make decisions based on facts so that you keep your costs down and your successes high?

Workplace Conflict “Explanations”

Do you explain conflict any of these ways?

  • “It’s just the way it is in our business.”
  • “This is a problem between two people. Just stay out of it.”
  • “He’s a jerk. Just avoid getting into fights with him.”
  • “Most think she’s ‘tough but fair’.”
  • “She’s the boss so she can do whatever she wants”
  • “He’s clueless. He doesn’t mean to be abrasive.”

If so, then you are going down into the rabbit hole because those explanations don’t help.

Failed Tactics
How can you handle workplace conflicts? Here are the most common and ineffectual interventions

  • “Sigh” – ignore the problem and hope it will go away
  • “Cut it out or else” – threaten everyone involved
  • “He’s yours – you fix it” – demanding the boss fix the problem
  • “We have a new opportunity for you and are moving you laterally to…” – moving the abrasive person or target and hoping the problem will disappear
  • “The team is meeting next week for a new program in civility” – offering training in hopes the aggressor will recognize his/her behavior and want to change.
  • “…..” – Letting the situation fester and writing off lost profits


The Price of Failure
What results do you find from these interventions: Typically we have:

  • Failing to improve the situation
  • Losing excellent employees
  • Damaging company reputation
  • Wasting money on interventions that seemed right but failed
  • Paying out on lawsuits, buyouts, and transfers

Workplace Conflict Winning Strategies

You can stop losing your profits to these conditions of workplace conflict. There are strategies and tactics available to stop the behavior and put your Company back on track to success and profitability.
See success stories for real-world examples of results
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