Workplace Conflict Policy Tips

Workplace Conflict – Tips for Developing Preventative Policy

One way to help deal with workplace conflicts including bullying type behaviors is with a policy prohibiting such behavior. Though policy does not stop the behavior outright – it will give targets and the HR department power to take action. Why is this important?

The Cost of Doing Nothing
Employees who feel bullied are less productive, need more sick days, and often move on to a new job. All of these actions cost your employer money. Worse, if the offending behavior continues, you can expect to have mediation and litigation costs.

Workplace Conflict Policy Content

Policies should include definitions of unacceptable behavior, procedures for reporting, guidelines for evidence, and the range of consequences and options for the HR Department.

Spread the Word
Training programs that introduce policies to employees and enforcing the policies can go a long way to helping curb the costs and consequences of workplace conflict and bullying behaviors. Once your policies are in place you can choose among various options including transfers, training, specialized consulting for one-on-one training, or termination.

Workplace Conflict: Be Proactive

Of course, given my experience as a Conflict Consultant I am confident that specialized consulting and one-on-one training can help your bullying employees to stop the workplace conflict behaviors that negatively impact your bottom line. Contact me, Kathleen Bartle, MA. I am an Executive Conflict Consultant and I can help you answer these questions and help you with an action plan.