Workplace Conflict is Not All Alike

Workplace Conflict is Not All Alike

As a conflict consultant, I can say that this article covers one of the biggest problems when attempting to assess the solution to the “bullying” problem-that is the problem of defining all abrasive and aggressive behavior as workplace bullying.

Workplace Conflict: The Bucket Problem

Most people-targets, employers, even some coaches and many legislators, are putting all interpersonal conflicts at work into one bucket – bullying. But the behaviors we call “bullying” are more complex. Much, much more. The kinds of behavior that are commonly referred to as “bullying” are in reality five different types of behavior requiring different approaches to resolve them.

This, at its heart, is why so many businesses are ineffective at addressing “bullying” because they believe in a “one size fits all” solution to the problem. Was the person unaware of his or her bullying? Or, was she being irrational and unpredictable as if she had some kind of character disorder? Did she think she was a good leader? Or was she enjoying hurting other people?

Workplace Conflict Model

That is why I’ve developed a workplace conflict-model that covers five distinctly different types of work conflict.

I’m Kathleen Bartle, a strategic consultant on workplace conflict to executives worldwide for more than 20 years. My work brings individualized solutions to your teams’ lost productivity, loss of key personnel, low morale, and the high costs resulting from bullying, abrasive behaviors and interpersonal workplace conflicts. You can contact me here.