Workplace Bullying Targets: The Burden is on You to Prove it

Workplace Bullying Targets: The Burden is on You to Prove it

Who is responsible for “proving” workplace bullying exists?

If you feel you are a target of workplace bullying, then pay attention to this recent article from The New Zealand Herald. While workplace bullying costs companies millions of dollars, and while those costs ought to spur employers to be more responsive to complaints and proactive in eliminating workplace bullying, in fact, the burden is on you to prove you are suffering. Even proposed US legislation focuses on the painful psychological consequences you experience, which YOU will have to prove.

In New Zealand they are seeking a “code of practice” to identify workplace bullying. This has its own challenges especially since there is more than one type of bullying behavior, but it is a good start. You can read more of the article here.

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