Workplace Bullying Makes its Way to TV’s “The Office”

Workplace Bullying Makes its Way to TV’s “The Office”

Looks like the staff of the fictional Dunder Mifflin will be confronting workplace bullying in a new episode airing September 20th on NBC.

Though I’m sure their treatment of the topic will be tongue-in-cheek, I am encouraged to see the issue being tackled in popular entertainment. The fact that workplace bullying is now considered worthy enough to be a topic in a major network show like “The Office” indicates that it is an issue at the forefront of our working culture. In the past, “The Office” has also aired episodes dealing with sexual harassment and racial discrimination.

You can read more about this episode in this article from Cinema Blend, as well as get a sneak preview in the form of some still photos from the bullying storyline.

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