Top 10 Signs You Have the Confidence to Handle a Difficult Conversation

Top 10 Signs You Have the Confidence to Handle a Difficult Conversation

Being confident about having a difficult conversation is a state of mind. Here are ten signs that you have both the confidence and the right attitude to handle most difficult conversations.

  1. You believe that there’s nothing wrong with conflict

  2. You believe that not all difficult conversations involve conflict

  3. You understand that problems won’t resolve themselves so you have to step up and have the difficult conversation

  4. You understand that it is okay if someone is angry with you or disagrees with your point of view

  5. You understand that negative reactions are not necessarily personal or deadly but simply a different point of view about a situation

  6. You are willing to listen to other points of view and perspectives about a situation

  7. You remain open to other points of view but don’t have to give up your perspective in order to resolve a problem

  8. You can live with differences of opinion about the same issue

  9. You understand that difficult conversations are not about hurting others but about talking and listening

  10. You believe that most conflicts can be resolved even if they don’t resolve in the way you anticipated or planned

Difficult Conversations: After Confidence, You Need a Plan

If you have the confidence to handle a difficult conversation, you are halfway there. So now what?

Approaching a difficult conversation requires a step by step plan to make sure you are as effective as possible. The great thing is that by having confidence, you already believe your situation can be resolved. Now it is time for you to hone in on strategies that will make you more capable in approaching your difficult conversation.

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