Three facts you must know if you’re planning to use HR to help with workplace bullying

Are you and HR professional? Or, are you dependent upon HR to help you with a workplace conflict?  

Implicit in this wonderful piece on the complexities of being an HR professional where workplace abrasive and bullying behaviors exists, is the question of COMPANY CULTURE. What I found in my work with corporations is companies that have a highly competitive mindset, few positions at the top of the pyramid, and lax supervisory practices have higher rates of workplace bullying behaviors and more intense bullying behaviors including Instrumental Aggression (where bullying happens to eliminate competition inside the organization.  Read this for some profiles of these HR/culture/behavior conflicts. (note you will have to log in to LinkedIn)

  • Sheilah Davis

    Sometimes the HR department heads and their attorneys will bully people who make reports, too. Document everything and get legal council if you are illegally fined, not being paid as per current law, or suspect that you were terminated despite being in a protected class.