“Kathleen is able to bring amazing insight and wisdom to bear on a wide variety of challenges –team building, strategic planning, conflict resolution, job change, career development. She has helped me improve my own leadership ability and develop my career, and she worked with my staff to improve our leadership skills as a team and develop a stellar organization. She uniquely combines education, experience, and intuition to help me understand and improve the relationships between myself, my colleagues, and my organization.” ~ Eve L. Hill, Of Counsel Brown, Goldstein, & Levy, LLP

“Kathleen is totally committed to helping organizations deal with workplace bullying, conflict, and harassment. She brings a deep well of knowledge and experience to her work, and understands the challenges faced by employers when dealing with these difficult issues. She is also available to coach abrasive managers and help them develop the insight necessary to motivate employees without alienating them.” ~  Laura Crawshaw, Ph.D. The Boss Whisperer®, Founder, The Boss Whispering® Institute

“Kathleen is a never-ending source of wisdom, information, and support. She has helped me negotiate and de-conflict some extremely difficult staff interactions and management situations. Our work together has been key to helping me find my voice as a new COO. I look forward to our calls every week!” ~ Sarah Bruno, COO, Truman National Security Project

“Senior managers have to deal with conflict every day. Many of those conflicts are obvious and some are insidious. Kathleen, through Confidence Connections provided a methodology to review and analyze the situations. Through professional training, clear judgment and a keen understanding of the work force dynamics, Kathleen was able to establish guidelines promoting personal and professional growth, and enhance the work place. Kathleen understands the intersection of the corporate structure and the psychological needs of the employees thereby creating a creative, and harmonious working environment.” ~ Martha White, Sales Manager

“I am indebted to Kathleen Bartle for her assistance in assembling a fine working team for the Sophie Miller Foundation. As a new entity under the auspices of The Episcopal Home Communities, a former client of Confidence Connections, the foundation was fortunate to have the services of Kathleen. From help with fine-tuning job descriptions to reading Kolbe indexes and applying them to this organization’s needs, Kathleen was precise, accurate and wise with her advice. After the team was in place, Kathleen’s coaching was invaluable in creating structure for the staff jobs. Her help was instrumental in setting us up for success. I will call her in the future, whenever I run into a glitch, because she is able to zero right into a problem, which saves time, and for all of us, time is money.” ~ Janelle Morton, President, The Sophie Miller Foundation