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Confidence Connections Building Great Cohesive and Successful Teams

Effective teamwork is the universal bedrock for organizational success.  Effective teamwork can only be generated from a cohesive team and brings extraordinary value, creativity, and productivity to an organization. Such teamwork is rare. Effective teams are cohesive teams. Cohesive teams have particular attributes that can be learned

How do you know if you have a cohesive team?

• You have a single unifying goal for your organization created by your team

• Your team members are fully committed to that goal

• Your team works together

• Your team is focused on their strategic objectives in support of the organization

• You have trust, focus, accountability and harmony

• You look forward to team meetings

• Team members like and respect one another

• Team members hold each other and you accountable for the company goal and strategic outcomes

• Wasteful activities and spending are kept to a minimum

• Team members who don’t fit have left of their own accord

How do you know when you don’t have a cohesive team?

• Team members are frustrated and angry at one another

• The team is fighting over budgets, direction, or focus

• The team is spending time doing work others should be doing

• Productivity is down

• You are adjudicating fights

• You feel the mistrust and anxiety of team members who complain they feel ‘left out’

• You want to fire your team members because they are not delivering on their promises

• Team conflicts are unspoken, unresolved or feared

• You have that sick feeling when you think about your work, your team and your prospects for success

• You are thinking in terms of failures, and cutting losses rather than opportunities and possibilities

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