Taking a Stand against Bullying Behaviors

Taking a Stand Against Bullying Behaviors

Here’s an interesting piece on self-assessing your bullying behaviors. The question is: Who did you bully today? I love that question because it implies that we all have the capacity to bully and we have the capacity to self-evaluate our bullying type behaviors. But it brings me to another question: What can we do to help end bullying? Particularly what can we do to end bullying in the workplace?  Perhaps you can put this question into your New Year’s Resolutions queue?

What’s your Role in the Bullying Phenomenon?

Ask yourself:

  • What can I do today, this week, and this year to help myself stop bullying others?
  • What can I do to help someone who is the target of bullying or abuse?
  • What can I learn this year that will help me to help others?
  • How can I expand my awareness to notice signs of bullying behaviors?
  • Are there policies I can propose to improve the workplace?
  • Will I stand up and be counted when someone files a complaint about a workplace conflict?
  • If I witness bullying type behaviors, will I risk speaking up?
  • Can I organize my team to defend against an aggressive colleague?
  • What about bringing in a civility training program?
  • How can I be creative this year to help stop workplace bullying?

Ultimately, this problem will only get better when it stops being a distant problem “out there” and we start dealing with the issue where it is close to home: where we work, with our boss, with our teams, with others that we know are being targeted, with ourselves.

If we all take responsibility for this issue, we can create some serious change for the better.

I’m Kathleen Bartle, a strategic consultant on workplace conflict to executives worldwide for more than 20 years. My work brings individualized solutions to your teams’ lost productivity, loss of key personnel, low morale, and the high costs resulting from bullying, abrasive behaviors and interpersonal workplace conflicts. You can contact me here.

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  • Darrel Durose

    I have left two job were I have been subjected to bullying, victimisation and being undermined.
    I have already been in touch with solicitors who would work on a no win no fee basis but they declined to take on my case. I am now so low that I feel I cannot do a job that I used to love. How can this be right?
    Kind Regards
    Mr Darrel Durose (UK)

  • Darrel Durose

    Two Jobs*…..sorry typo :-0