Conflict Challenges

Tweet What is your biggest conflict challenge? If you are like most of my clients, then you have one of these problems… A key employee who is alienating others with abrasive or bullying behaviors A team that cannot achieve goals because one or two people cannot ‘share’ or A serious personnel problem because you have […]

Foundations For Positive Change In the Workplace: Part 1

Tweet How to Help your Company Stop Workplace Abrasive & Bullying Behaviors Part One: Challenging the Eight Myths that Perpetuate Aggression in the Workplace As business become more demanding and high-pressure and costs conscious, there emerges a challenge that must be addressed to remain highly competitive and productive. That challenge is how to handle the […]

Info & Insights from the Workplace Bullying Institute

Tweet I agree with the Workplace Bullying Institute that mediation is not a tool that works well, if at all, in bullying type of problems. Why? Because there is either an implicit or explicit power differential. That is either the aggressor is using emotional abuse or structural power to overtake the target. Those conditions don’t […]

The Dirty Little Secret of the Workplace: The Bully Isn’t Wearing Any Clothes

Tweet Reading a list of standard bullying behavior can be a revelation for some people. Far too often we become so accustomed to witnessing acts of incivility that we develop a blind eye to it. This is especially true in the workplace. Verbal insults, withholding of key information, and other blatant, aggressive and manipulative behaviors […]

What do you think about ‘killing with kindness’ as a strategy?

Tweet Here’s an interesting blog on dealing with bullying behavior. What do you think about ‘killing with kindness’ as a strategy? I’ve found it works sometimes-particularly in a newer relationship with someone who is fearful and defensive. But with someone who uses bully tactics for specific ends (profit, power, getting the sale), then it doesn’t […]