The Dirty Little Secret of the Workplace: The Bully Isn’t Wearing Any Clothes

Tweet Reading a list of standard bullying behavior can be a revelation for some people. Far too often we become so accustomed to witnessing acts of incivility that we develop a blind eye to it. This is especially true in the workplace. Verbal insults, withholding of key information, and other blatant, aggressive and manipulative behaviors […]

Are you Thinking too Much about your Bully Situation? 10 Tips for Taking Care of Yourself during Trying Times

Tweet Being the target of bullying behaviors is stressful, frustrating, and sickening. As anxiety goes up, health, sleep and life satisfaction goes down. You start obsessing on the situation, the bully, how to bring others to your aid, what to do next, how to escape. Before you know it, you slip and lose control of […]

Not All Bullies Are Bosses!

Tweet Bullied by an Advisor  Bosses are not the only bullies out there. Sometimes a counselor, advisor, or someone else in authority behaves like a bully. When this happens the best response is to Get A Second Opinion. In one matter I heard about recently, a financial advisor made specific and rigid recommendations to a […]

Workplace Bullying-Health Consequences

Tweet In my work with targets of workplace bullying I see myriad consequences-confidence, career, family and health. Here’s a link to a story about the health related costs to targets of workplace bullying. It’s a sad story but important to read. If you or someone you know suffers with workplace bullying, send them to me […]