Conflict Challenges

Tweet What is your biggest conflict challenge? If you are like most of my clients, then you have one of these problems… A key employee who is alienating others with abrasive or bullying behaviors A team that cannot achieve goals because one or two people cannot ‘share’ or A serious personnel problem because you have […]

Why lawyers and employers should hire executive coaches

Tweet This is a dynamite article on why lawyers and employers should hire executive coaches to handle difficult employees.  Enjoy! A NEW LINE OF DEFENSE Before Firing an Employee, Some Attorneys Are Recommending Coaches By Catherine Ho Daily Journal Staff WriterDAILY JOURNAL NEWSWIRE ARTICLE

Info & Insights from the Workplace Bullying Institute

Tweet I agree with the Workplace Bullying Institute that mediation is not a tool that works well, if at all, in bullying type of problems. Why? Because there is either an implicit or explicit power differential. That is either the aggressor is using emotional abuse or structural power to overtake the target. Those conditions don’t […]

Interesting Article on Bullying

Tweet Here’s an interesting basic summary piece on bullying with some advice on how to handle yourself when you’re being bullied. While the emphasis is on reporting and documenting rather than taking personal action to deal with the bullying, I think you’ll find the information helpful and important. Click here for the article.

Workplace Bullying-Health Consequences

Tweet In my work with targets of workplace bullying I see myriad consequences-confidence, career, family and health. Here’s a link to a story about the health related costs to targets of workplace bullying. It’s a sad story but important to read. If you or someone you know suffers with workplace bullying, send them to me […]