The Cultural Acceptance of Workplace Bullying

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Tweet The Cultural Acceptance of Workplace Bullying Does the frequency and acceptance of bullying in the workplace depend on your national culture? A recent study from the Journal of Business Research seems to indicate that it does. Though I never think anyone’s given culture is an excuse for abrasive and bullying behavior, it seems that […]

Culture, Hierarchy, Workplace Bullying & Conflicts

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Tweet Culture, Hierarchy, Workplace Bullying & Conflicts Is there a bullying culture in medical schools? You betcha! That’s an easy question to answer and to explain. All educational and workplace environments that have a culture of extreme competition, with only a few places at the top of the hierarchy, are going to be uber-competitive and […]

Workplace Conflict: The Intersection between Workplace Culture & Workers’ Behavior

Workplace Conflict Culture

Tweet Workplace Conflict: The Intersection Between Workplace Culture and Workers’ Behavior As a research sociologist, I am always looking at the way the culture of an organization influences worker behavior. For instance, if you have a company with strong and perhaps ruthless leaders who focus on the bottom line and use aggression to succeed, you […]