Negotiation and Empathy: Can Workplace Bullies See Your Perspective?

Tweet Negotiation I received a call recently from an executive who was dealing with a workplace bullying situation. Susan is making “outrageous” demands on the President. The President needs to keep Susan because she is a subject-matter expert. That means she is critical to the success of the business and cannot be fired without great […]

What Are You Upset About? Values-Driven Organizations

Tweet This issue came up during a confidence coaching session. Several employees went to their supervisor to report a problem with another employee (Jim). It seems he had been rude to a client (as reported by the client) AND he forgot to do a very important piece of his job – so important that the […]

Be Prepared: What do you say to a Workplace Bully or Harasser?

Tweet Are you prepared to face, confront, and repel a bully or harasser? If you are like most of us, you’re not! Why? Who wants to think they have to prepare for a bully? We have a social contract with the world. That is ‘I treat you with respect, you respond in kind’. But, many […]

Correlation between women leaders and corporate success.

Tweet Did you know:   “Research shows there is a strong correlation between how well top corporations develop and promote women leaders and how successful those corporations are in the marketplace.” Read more…