The Power of Vulnerability

Tweet If you have ever felt shame, if you have ever tried to control your environment, and if you have ever felt you didn’t ‘belong’, then here is a quick lesson in humanity from researcher and storyteller Brene Brown. The Power of Vulnerability.

Negotiation and Empathy: Can Workplace Bullies See Your Perspective?

Tweet Negotiation I received a call recently from an executive who was dealing with a workplace bullying situation. Susan is making “outrageous” demands on the President. The President needs to keep Susan because she is a subject-matter expert. That means she is critical to the success of the business and cannot be fired without great […]

New Building Confidence e-Course!

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The Dirty Little Secret of the Workplace: The Bully Isn’t Wearing Any Clothes

Tweet Reading a list of standard bullying behavior can be a revelation for some people. Far too often we become so accustomed to witnessing acts of incivility that we develop a blind eye to it. This is especially true in the workplace. Verbal insults, withholding of key information, and other blatant, aggressive and manipulative behaviors […]

‘Rational Detachment’

Tweet Here’s a good article on handling verbal conflicts using ‘rational detachment’. You know my perspective on handling verbal conflicts-empathy, observation, and recognizing that the ‘other’ person has a different perspective on a situation. And you know I recommend asking QUESTIONS before defending yourself. In this article you can pick up a few more tips […]