Stop Arguing & Start Working!

Stop Arguing & Start Working:
6 Steps To Being Confident, Calm, and Capable During Difficult Conversations at Work



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Facing a difficult, even scary conversation with a team-mate, boss or subordinate?
Wondering how to avoid making this worse?

Discover the secrets to preparing for difficult conversations that calm you down and put you in control

Ever been terrified to talk to your boss? Have you ever been afraid to talk to a co-worker about a difficult issue? Have you ever silently suffered because you were scared to confront a work colleague that drove you crazy? Have you ever settled for less because you weren’t able to stand up for yourself?

Welcome to life for most of the working world — where we are all facing a difficult conversation.

If you are afraid of the consequences of the conversation, or you are afraid of the person you have to talk with, or the thought of having that conversation fills you with anxiety, or the thought of that difficult conversation makes you want to run or hide…if you want to avoid it, pretend it doesn’t have to happen, and the mere thought of it even makes you quake in your boots, then this book is for you.

There are two choices you have:

avoiding it which will make the situation much, MUCH worse.


preparing for that conversation in a way that will make things much better.

I’ve Been Perfecting My “Difficult Conversation” Technique for Over 20 Years

My name is Kathleen Bartle. I’m a strategic consultant on workplace conflict to executives worldwide for more than 20 years. I’ve worked with people in seemingly impossible situations at work to finally have those difficult conversations. Whether it has been bullying, abrasive behaviors, or basic interpersonal workplace conflicts, I can tell you that my six-step system is field-tested and proven to prepare you for that difficult conversation and create solutions from it.

How Your Fear Instinct Works Against You

Trust me, I know that difficult conversation you have been avoiding feels like “life or death.” Part of the reason you have been putting it off is that it really seems like something awful will happen to you if you have that conversation. What I found in my years of research and experience is that your brain is wired to feel that way.

Though we live in the modern world, our brains still interpret arguments in our place of work as legitimate physical threats, and automatically throw us into “fight, flight or freeze” responses. If you are hesitating to have a difficult conversation, then to your brain, having that conversation feels like an approaching hungry lion.

It IS possible to bypass this fear and leave that powerful instinct behind…IF you know how to prepare correctly.

In fact, you can be CONFIDENT, CALM, CAPABLE, and accomplish much more than you thought possible.

My System Works

I’ve seen it all, and I know my system works. And the companies I work with know it works, too. By implementing my strategies, they’ve improved productivity, retained key personnel, improved morale, and decreased the high costs associated with workplace conflict.

And those people that practice my strategies with difficult conversations have reduced or eliminated their fear and anxiety, increased their confidence, and put themselves back in control in creating the solutions they desire.

“If you’ve ever had a difficult person in your life and haven’t known just how to approach them or what to say, you’ve got to read this book! Filled with easy, step-by-step instructions, this handy guide will give you the tools to handle anyone anytime!”
—Chellie Campbell, author of “The Wealthy Spirit” and “Zero to Zillionaire


The Benefits of My System

You can say what you want to say, clearly and confidently.

You can get what you want and need because you asked for it clearly and confidently.

And my six-step system will teach you how to do just that. You’ll learn:

  • To BUILD your confidence and control your anxiety.  My system will teach you how to control your “fight or flight” mechanism that runs your brain and take you past the fear that’s getting in your way.

  • How to practice your state of BEing. So much advice tells you what to DO, instead of how to BE. My system will start from the inside out, starting with how to consciously control your state of BEing.

  • To CHOOSE the right issue to discuss.  I’ll take you through techniques to narrow down the issue you really need to talk about to be effective, so you won’t get sidetracked or ambushed.

  • The RIGHT way to say what you want to say. Planning what you will say is like building the foundations down on a house. You don’t want to build in the wrong place, or with the wrong material. I’ll show you how to plan effectively so you design a conversation where you know exactly what to say.

  • HOW to DECIDE how you want to say it.  The same set of words can mean something completely different depending on the intention. Learn to control the message by consciously controlling how you are being.

  • The IMPORTANCE of choosing the time and place for the conversation.  Never get ambushed again with techniques to put YOU in control of the where and the when.

  • HOW to be LOGICAL instead of emotional. We are all emotional beings, but this often works against us in difficult conversations. My system will take teach you how to stick to a logical track that will take you to the solution, and not get sidetracked by creeping anxiety or other powerful emotions.

  • HOW to LISTEN with patience.  A conversation is a two way street. My system will train you to deliver your message while at the same time making space for you to take in what the other person has to say.

  • HOW to ACHIEVE a positive outcome for that difficult conversation.  I’ll demonstrate how you can have a positive outcome, no matter what the other person says or does.

If you are tired of being overwhelmed with anxiety and fear when you don’t know what to say at work, and you are ready to get what you want, then it’s time to take control now.



 Amazon ebook:



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Bonus Material

If you are ready to retake control of your life and master difficult conversations, then Stop Arguing & Start Working is for you. As a special offer, I’ll include the following free special bonuses.

Bonus #1: Special Report: 17 Lethal Mistakes People Make in the Midst of a Difficult Conversation

This is a an incredible road map based on my 20 years experience that will show you the classic pitfalls to avoid when planning your difficult conversation.  A perfect companion to Fearless Conversations, 17 Lethal Mistakes will help you:

  • Learn the for pitfalls of bad communication & how to avoid them

  • Focus your attention on the right issues

  • Avoid the classic traps that will guarantee your failure

  • How to overcome your fears

  • Why you must plan your your goals before you have that conversation

  • …and much more.

Bonus #2: Special Report: How to Handle Yourself When You are Confronted and Feel Attacked

Unfortunately, sometimes you cannot always plan the time and place a difficult conversation or confrontation might take place.  Sometimes, you feel ambushed. This special report based on actual case studies will show you how to:

  • What your body can tell you about the attack

  • How to gain control and stop over-reacting to threats

  • The power of “perspective”

  • How to protect yourself with “ground rules”

  • How to plan your responses before, during, and after a confrontation

  • …and much more.

Regain Control

If you want to end the endless anxiety at work and home from avoiding difficult conversations, if you desire more of what you want and less unrealistic demands, and most importantly, if you want to regain control of your life, you can begin right now.

I have been working in high-conflict situations for over 20 years. My work is based on research and practical experiences. I developed and then perfected this system for my clients. It is a system that works for EVERYONE, whether it is an entry level employee or the CEO of a multi-million dollar company. The system works, and you can start using it today.

Order now and you will have a digital copy available to you immediately. You can begin reading and using the techniques immediately.


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