Why Use a Conflict Consultant?

  1. You have received multiple complaints from employees describing how difficult it is to work with an individual in the company.
  2. You realize that the conflict does not come from a misunderstanding, but is a consistent pattern of disrespectful behavior.
  3. You have talked with the abrasive person about their disrespectful behavior and the response was ‘it is not my problem’, ‘I’m not doing anything wrong’, ‘I have to be tough to get everyone to do their work’.
  4. After talking with the person there is a brief period of improvement, but quickly the old patterns of abrasive behavior return.
  5. The person causing conflict is a valued employee with key expertise and you would like to keep him, but the cost of keeping that person are beginning to outweigh the benefits.
  6. You feel helpless to have an impact on the situation.