Kolbe Index

Kolbe Index: Wasted Potential

Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” If you’ve ever been assigned a task that does not mesh with your natural talents and abilities, then your genius was wasted and you know what Mr. Einstein was saying.

When people are not in a job that matches their genius with their assignment, conflict definitely happens.

The way to avoid this mis-match, and so avoid conflict, is to really know your natural skills and talents and then place yourself in the right job. And, it can be done scientifically and quickly with the Kolbe Index.

Kolbe Index: What Does it do for You?

  • The Kolbe gives you EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HOW YOU WORK, when you have the freedom to work on your own.
  • The Kolbe gives you the CLEAREST and most CONFIDENCE BOOSTING DESCRIPTION of the unique person that is YOU.
  • The Kolbe gives you the LANUGAGE TO DESCRIBE YOUR WORK STYLE so that others understand you and why you do what you do.
  • The Kolbe gives you the INFORMATION YOU NEED to help you AVOID projects that will stress you and make you feel a failure.
  • The Kolbe gives you absolute and clear guidance to avoid a bad fit between you and a job or even a career.
  • The Kolbe gives you the direction to travel to find the right job and career.

Many of my clients were wary of the power of the Kolbe until they completed the instrument, reviewed their results and worked with me to implement their results. Some said it was the first time they truly understood why they were unhappy, why they were in conflict, why they felt like they were in the wrong job.

One of my clients said, “Finally, I have the words and the insights to go after what I want and the confidence to know how I work” For the first time I understand why I have been so upset and frustrated with my job choices. My family never understood my natural skills but now I can show them why I do what I do and what I need to do next”. (A. L., Los Angeles, CA)

The Kolbe is DIFFERENT from other tools.The Kolbe instrument is NOT a psychology test, and is NOT an intelligence test. The Kolbe measures HOW you do what you do, HOW you approach problems at work, and the innate problem-solving approach you have. It is the blueprint for how you do what you do BEST.
Try it right now and start taking control of your life and your career.

Kolbe Index: Your Evaluation and Consultation with Me

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  • Take the Kolbe Reports: A & MO. Take the Kolbe A™ Index. Take the Kolbe Financial MO+™.
  • Then arrange a 90 minute phone consultation with me so I can help you interpret the results and work with you to develop a strategy that will empower you and enhance your career.
  • Receive a bonus of continuing E-mail access to me for 30 days
  • Then you will have an extra 30 minute follow-up phone call at the end of 30 days to discuss your progress


But, if you’re not satisfied with the insights and power you gain from this experience, then I will return your investment. That’s right 100%.

Contact Kathleen now, for a complimentary consultation.