I investigate and evaluate workplace conflict problems including those that appear to be abrasive and bullying behaviors. I then apply proprietary strategies to design the most appropriate interventions to save time and money that would otherwise be spent on ineffective programs, mediation, or litigation. I keep all issues confidential.

My CORPORATE clients include:

  • Top management in large, mid-sized and small companies, and their divisions
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Boards of Not-for-Profit organizations

My INDIVIDUAL Clients (both targets and those accused of workplace abrasive or aggressive behaviors)

  • Independent Consultants
  • Management level employees
  • Academics, scientists, & engineers
  • Targets of bullying and harassment
  • Those accused of bullying behaviors
  • Coaches and counselors as well as HR professionals who want to be able to handle and stop bullying and abrasive problems


There are different types of workplace conflict and each type has a different cause and different solution.

Organizations try to eliminate these problems by ignoring the complaints, by providing sensitivity or leadership training, by recommending psychological counseling and by threatening people. Since these interventions rarely provide solutions to the conflict, the problems remain and fester until they end in expensive negotiations and even litigation.



What is needed is the wisdom, experience, and expertise of a conflict consultant who understands the root causes and solutions to workplace abrasive and bullying behaviors and who can offer and implement effective, strategic solutions.



  • Discovery
    • I investigate the situations that are alleged to be workplace bullying and abrasive behaviors.
    • I evaluate the results of investigations of accusations of bullying and abrasive behaviors.
    • I determine type of workplace abrasive behavior.
    • I determine the best course of action to mitigate or ameliorate the problems that caused the complaints.
  • Custom-designed Strategy for Improvement
    • I determine what is causing the bullying or abrasive behavior and then propose a specific and custom-designed consulting program based on the findings.
    • I determine who should receive what type of training, coaching, and consulting.
    • I customize a step-by-step plan that includes executive conflict coaching, training, leadership insights, management best practices, and guidance on how to handle conflict.
  • Implementation
    • I provide training, coaching and conflict consulting to the most appropriate persons.
    • I provide team conflict consulting on specific issues including setting goals and strategic activities, building trust, handling interpersonal conflict, and holding others accountable for their work activities without causing conflict
    • I provide general reports of the consulting and progress.
    • After four months of executive conflict consulting, I determine with the client if more support is needed.
    • After completing the executive consulting, I offer as-needed “tune ups” and additional training.
  • Documentation
    • I provide the tools for management to integrate these new strategies throughout the company.

My goal is to help my clients end bullying behaviors and avoid the high costs that comes from bullying in the workplace. While these steps are recommended, they can be modified for the best needs of a company.



  • Discovery
    • I interview the individual to uncover the circumstances of the conflict situation.
    • I determine the type of workplace abrasive behavior.
    • I assess the data and determine the best course of action for the individual.
  • Custom-designed Strategy for Improvement
    • I customize a step-by-step plan that includes executive conflict coaching, assertiveness and leadership training, management best practices, and guidance on how to handle conflict.
  • Implementation
    • I provide training, coaching and conflict consulting.
    • After completing the executive consulting, I offer as-needed ‘tune ups’ and additional training.



Targets are traumatized, confused, and lost. They have suffered bullying or mobbing or abrasive behaviors and feel misunderstood, alone, and bereft. They need specific, specialized and targeted help from a professional who really understands what has happened to them and what to do about it. Sadly, most coaches and counselors really do not understand the experience of being a target of bullying which makes everything worse for the target. I start with a discovery session and then move on to practical, effective and tested solutions.

  • Discovery
    • I review the circumstances and experiences of the target
    • I evaluate the type of bullying they experienced to customize a response
  • Customized Coaching and Support
    • I help targets cope and deal with the experiences, if they are still in the situation
    • I develop specific strategies and tactics for responding to the bullying, bosses, and Human Resources
    • I coach and heal the targets if they are out of the situation
  • Implementation
    • I provide on-going assistance for targets so that they can handle the details of handling problems
    • I offer follow-up, consistent support and tools that are usable and tested
  • Consulting for HR and OD Professionals
    • I help human resources and organizational development professionals propose appropriate and effective interventions for workplace bullying problems



While single ½ or full day programs are useful and can have an impact on certain problems in the workplace, it is more effective to have on-going training programs. I offer the following:

  • I offer ½ and full day programs focusing on ending bullying behaviors, leadership development, and civility
  • I suggest ½ and full day programs followed by telephone coaching and consulting with specific persons who need help with behavior issues or who want to learn how to handle aggressive behaviors in the workplace
  • I can bring a simple 45 minute “Lunch and Learn” program to your workplace to introduce the issues of workplace bullying and provide customized solutions based on the specific needs of a company



My models and approaches to workplace bullying and abrasive behaviors are based on decades of research and action. At the request of coaches and counselors I have added a training program and certification for professionals who want to be conflict consultants.

The program includes:

  • A comprehensive overview of the causes of workplace bullying behaviors
  • How to separate fact from fiction regarding workplace bullying behaviors
  • How to talk about bullying and abrasive behaviors
  • A review of my proprietary model on the types of workplace bullying behaviors
  • An evaluation of the responses to each type of bullying behaviors
  • An overview of the typical objections to dealing with bullying and how to overcome them
  • A guide to how to handle workplace bullying clients
  • A guide to handling workplace targets
  • A how-to guide to marketing services
  • On-going coaching using real-life situations



Targets of workplace bullying are usually exhausted, broke and totally isolated and despairing. But help is here for you and for your loved-ones. I designed a reasonably priced small-group coaching program for targets.

The coaching includes:

  • Regularly scheduled calls which are recorded and archived for easy review
  • Training in all relevant ideas about working aggressive behavior and how to handle it
  • Review of my proprietary models which can be used to help targets cope
  • Real-live cases including your own problems with laser coaching solutions and explanations
  • How to handle reporting the problems, reactions from family and friends
  • Ideas on resume building, exiting a bullying situation and how to best position oneself for a better life
  • Group support, compassionate understanding and a safe environment to heal
  • Making the transition from victim to victor which includes learning to be happy, calm and joyful again