Not All Bullies Are Bosses!

iStock_000005117945XSmall-BullyPointingBullied by an Advisor 

Bosses are not the only bullies out there. Sometimes a counselor, advisor, or someone else in authority behaves like a bully. When this happens the best response is to Get A Second Opinion.

In one matter I heard about recently, a financial advisor made specific and rigid recommendations to a new client. When the client balked the advisor came down hard with judgmental language ‘I know best’, ‘My investment strategies are spot-on’, ‘You hired me. Now take my advise.’ Not only was the person intimidated and confused by the planner, it was clear to her friends that he was making recommendations that would line his own pockets with extra profits.

Our suggestion: get another opinion.

Her response-she did what the advisor recommended and lost.

Legalities aside, this is a bullying situation. Someone wants to ‘win’ and they can’t stand to be doubted. Watch out for such behavior and recognize it for what it is – bullying.

  • Kathleen,

    I like your advice here about getting a second opinion. I have been quite surprised to run into a couple of doctors and dentists, over the years,who are bullies, also. I think your advice would hold equally true for doctor bullies.