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  • SEPARATE EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND GUIDES to the different types of conflict behavior and what to do about them.
  • CONCISE DEFINITIONS to understand each type in a nutshell
  • COMMON SITUATIONS in which you will find each kind of behavior
  • BEHAVIORS that will help you classify the type and understand which kind of bully you are dealing with
  • CONSEQUENCES and impacts of the behavior for you and your organization
  • SOLUTIONS for each kind of behavior
  • CASE STUDIES on each kind of bullying/conflict behavior

This information is unique and cannot be found in other literature or programs about workplace bullying.

  • Membership also includes a ONE HOUR coaching session with me to help you deal with your bullying and conflict situation and help get you started in resolving the situation and ending your nightmare. I’ve coached executives, business owners, managers, coaches and other professionals around the world – and helped them resolve their conflict situations.
  • A PDF copy of my ebook: Stop Arguing & Start Working: 6 Steps to Being Confident, Calm and Capable During Difficult Conversations at Work
  • A PDF copy of my special report: How to Identify and Handle Specific Triggering Behaviors that Cause and Exacerbate Workplace Conflicts

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