Laughing at Workplace Bullying: Are Employers Outsourcing Workplace Bullying?

Laughing at Workplace Bullying: Are Employers Outsourcing Workplace Bullying?

You know, workplace bullying is a serious subject. Lots of abuse and damage. Everyone’s in pain. I live in this space by choice, because I seem to have the ability or wisdom or whatever to make a difference. I feel good when I make a difference. But, sometimes I lack levity, and perhaps you do too. But today, I bring you a funny spin on workplace bullying:

“NEW YORK (CAP) – A new survey by Forbes Magazine finds more and more American companies shipping unheralded office tasks such as workplace bullying and sexual harassment to offshore resources in order to cut down on U.S. labor costs.
“It doesn’t make sense for me to have that one guy who makes your job a living hell sitting in an office in Manhattan when everyone he interacts with is working remotely,” said one Fortune 500 CEO. “I can get a guy in India to harass you over the phone for half that cost.”

Of course, if you read the entire piece you will see that the article takes a serious note in the end. I appreciate this story for many reasons not the least of which is the implication that employers care so little about their employees that they will outsource jobs and bad behaviors just to save a buck.

Bullying & Levity

How do you keep your sense of humor and your sanity when dealing with bullying? I work out, study, read, watch comedy and thrive on the kudos I receive when a client tells me she or he feels “victorious.” And, I turn my work into books and articles and blogs so that others may benefit from my discoveries.

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