I’m Sorry…So Sorry

Maybe I’m dating myself but I am thinking about a very popular Connie Francis song from the ‘60s. She’s done ‘em wrong and she’s repentant. How refreshing. These days most apologies lack repentance. In fact they’re not apologies at all. They resentments and judgments couched in apology terms. Here’s a great article on apologies by Vivian Scott. Scott’s a mediator and author and has a good perspective on the whole apology thing. After all, in most conflict and mediation situations people who feel wronged want 2 things:

Stop the Behavior


Both things have to happen and be genuine or else…

“I’m Sorry You’re Such A Crybaby” Isn’t Really An Apology


For a great book on how to apologize read:

The 5 Languages of Apology by Gary Chapman