“How to Prepare for Difficult Conversations”—Tele-class

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“Preparing or Difficult Conversations”

90 minute Tele-class

Date & Time TBD:

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Facing a difficult, even scary conversation with a team-mate, boss or subordinate? Wondering how to avoid making this worse?  My tele-class will help you discover the secrets to preparing for difficult conversations that calm you down and put you in control. There are many steps to preparing for a difficult conversation. Unfortunately most people make the same common mistakes that undermine their success.

The Secrets to Avoiding the Mistakes That Nearly Everyone Makes in a Difficult Conversation

I designed this program to help you learn and master the 6 Steps in preparing for difficult conversations.  In 90 minutes you will see the light, and you will understand how every difficult conversation went “south” and you will never allow it to happen again.

Preparing for Difficult Conversations

Dates and times to be announced. Pre-register for news about upcoming classes.

My Program Works

My system has been field tested with executives, government workers, scientists, academics, and professionals of every stripe from all over the world. I can tell you that my six-step system is proven to prepare you for that difficult conversation and create solutions from it.

My 90 Minute Teleclass Will Teach You:

  • To CONTROL your anxiety.  My system will teach you how to control your “fight or flight” mechanism that runs your brain and take you past the fear that’s getting in your way.

  • How to practice your state of BEing. So much advice tells you what to DO, instead of how to BE. My system will start from the inside out, starting with how to consciously control your state of BEing.

  • To CHOOSE the right issue to discuss.  I’ll take you through techniques to narrow down the issue you really need to talk about to be effective, so you won’t get sidetracked or ambushed.

  • The RIGHT way to say what you want to say. Planning what you will say is like building the foundations down on a house. You don’t want to build in the wrong place, or with the wrong material. I’ll show you how to plan effectively so you design a conversation where you know exactly what to say.

  • HOW to DECIDE how you want to say it.  The same set of words can mean something completely different depending on the intention. Learn to control the message by consciously controlling how you are being.

  • The IMPORTANCE of choosing the time and place for the conversation.  Never get ambushed again with techniques to put YOU in control of the where and the when.

  • HOW to be LOGICAL instead of emotional. We are all emotional beings, but this often works against us in difficult conversations. My system will take teach you how to stick to a logical track that will take you to the solution, and not get sidetracked by creeping anxiety or other powerful emotions.

  • HOW to LISTEN with patience.  A conversation is a two way street. My system will train you to deliver your message while at the same time making space for you to take in what the other person has to say.

  • HOW to ACHIEVE a positive outcome for that difficult conversation.  I’ll demonstrate how you can have a positive outcome, no matter what the other person says or does.


This Tele-class is For You

  • If you are facing a difficult conversation

  • If you fear that conversation

  • If you’ve been avoiding that conversation

  • If you’re about to explode with frustration before having that conversation

…then this class is for you.

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“Preparing or Difficult Conversations”

90 minute Tele-class

Date & Time TBD:

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We respect your email privacy

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Other Perks:

  • Don’t worry if you can’t make the live call. I’m recording the event and you will receive an MP3 copy to download onto your computer and have for your use.
  • When registration is complete for an available class, you will receive a copy of my new EBook in a PDF version (also available on Amazon) entitled: “Stop Arguing & Start Working: 6 Steps to Being Confident, Calm and Capable During Difficult Conversations At Work.”
  • Plus, if you wish, you can have a 15 minute laser coaching call with me to discuss your specific difficult conversation challenge.