From Victim to Victorious

From Victim to Victorious: Ongoing Group Coaching for Targets of Workplace Bullying


Are you the target of workplace bullying? Have you been on the receiving end of aggressive treatment at work?

Do any of these behaviors* sound familiar? Are you…

  • falsely accused of work mistakes by bosses or colleagues?
  • ignored/left out of meetings/frozen out of office activities?
  • subjected to different standards and policies than other workers?
  • constantly criticized beyond all reason or fact?
  • yelled at by the boss in front of coworkers to the point of total humiliation?
  • belittled by exaggerated or super-personal comments made about your work during meetings?
  • subjected to cruel and untrue gossip?
  • having credit for your work stolen by a colleague or boss?
  • purposely excluded from projects or meetings where you should be in attendance?
  • picked on for your personal attributes that have nothing to do with work or productivity?
  • singled out or targeted with threats so that you’re afraid to go to work?
  • insulted, judged, or blamed for things that you did not do?


If so, then you are likely the target of bullying! And, you probably feel isolated and alone. Desperate! Overwhelmed! Misunderstood!

As a Target of Bullying, You Are Not Alone

Your experiences are shared by thousands of workers around the country and the world.


You Need Help

The problem with being bullied is that most people don’t know how to help you. There is lots of really bad advice out there. Most of it makes things worse.


It’s Time to Take Control

Learn what to do, what to say, and how to handle yourself when confronted by aggressive behavior.


My name is Kathleen Bartle. I’m a strategic consultant on workplace conflict to executives worldwide for more than 20 years. I’ve worked with people in seemingly impossible situations deal with aggressive behaviors at work. Whether it has been bullying, abrasive behaviors, or basic interpersonal workplace conflicts, I can tell you that I have seen it all, and I know the right way and the wrong way to deal with these behaviors.


Starting February 28th I will be hosting a weekly group coaching course for targets of bullying. Classes will be held by group conference call, in a highly supportive environment.


Benefits of My Class: From Victim to Victorious


You’ll learn:


  • HOW TO STOP seeing yourself as a victim in abrasive and bullying situations. Once you break free of the victim mindset, you’ll notice other things in your life and work begin to change for the better.


  • To BUILD your confidence and control your anxiety.  I will teach you how to control your “fight or flight” mechanism that runs your brain and take you past the fear that’s getting in your way.


  • HOW to be LOGICAL instead of emotional. We are all emotional beings, but this often works against us in abrasive and bullying situations..You will learn how to stick to a logical track that will take you to the solution, and not get sidetracked by creeping anxiety or other powerful emotions.


  • To CONTROL how you feel about any outcome. Though we cannot control all circumstances or how another person behaves, you can learn to control how you feel about any outcome.


  • HOW to TALK to management about a bullying situation persuasively. You will learn strategies and techniques to present your case in a persuasive way that matters to the business you work for and their bottom line, not just your personal feelings.


  • To SHARE your experience with other targets of bullying. So many targets of bullying feel like their situation is isolated and that they are alone in the things they are going through. Discussing these issues in a group environment will be beneficial to you and will also benefit others who can learn from your story.


  • To LISTEN with empathy in abrasive situations. Yes, even bullies are people too. By listening with empathy you can learn and pick up on vital information that will help you deal with both the bully and management.


  • To AVOID triggers that can instigate or exacerbate an abrasive or bullying situation. These triggers can be certain phrases, behaviors, or key words that can set someone off and de-rail a conversation or working relationship.


Class Details

  • By telephone on a conference line. You will call in on a secure conference line.

  • Safe and secure participation. You never have to identify yourself or your company. First names only – completely confidential.

  • Fridays – 9am Pacific

  • 45 minutes – information is concentrated and presented in an easy way to understand and utilize. Expect a combination of learning and interaction.

  • Recorded so you will be able to take advantage of any materials whenever you need them.

  • Supportive – Learning other’s stories and challenges will help you develop insights into your own situations.

  • Educational – You will have useful, effective and powerful solutions to your individual issues.


As part of a trial offer, starting Friday February 28, 9AM pacific, noon eastern.  I will be giving everyone a chance to evaluate the class for free for the first 3 weeks.

“From Victim to Victorious”

45 Minute Weekly Teleclass for Targets of Workplace Bullying

Starting February 29th, 9am PST

First 3 Weeks Free

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“From Victim to Victorious”

45 Minute Weekly Teleclass for Targets of Workplace Bullying

Starting March 21st, 9am PST


Package Bonus #1

Participants who sign up for a 6 month block of classes pay $400, a $122 SAVINGS over paying month by month.


Package Bonus #2

Participants who sign up for a 6 month block of classes will receive an individual coaching session with me. We can cover your specific issues and needs and develop your first action steps.


Other Bonuses

Participants sign up for a 6 month block of classes will receive a free PDF copy of my book, “Stop Arguing & Start Working: 6 Steps to Being Confident, Calm and Capable During Difficult Conversations at Work.”

All classes will be RECORDED so that you can take advantage of the materials whenever you need them.


Discounted future programs and services


Space is limited. Sign up soon to guarantee your spot.

If you’ve ever felt like a victim at work, you can, truly, become victorious.

*Career Builder Study, 8/29/12