Feel Like Bullying Someone Today?


Three Stressors & Six Remedies for Workplace Bullying Behaviors

As more information about workplace abrasive behaviors and bullying flood the popular consciousness, more companies are creating zero-tolerance policies and are refusing to tolerate abrasive or bullying behaviors. It is imperative that you be aware of what might trigger your inner bully and what you can do to avoid behaving like a bullying and the complaints, investigations, and consequences of being accused of workplace bullying. 


Three Stressors 

1. Lack of Confidence

Do you feel threatened by new challenges, or difficult assignments? 

2. Lack of Leadership Skills

Do you feel you communicate with colleagues but they don’t understand what you asking for and cannot meet your expectations?  

3. Lack of Trust in Others

Do you believe your colleagues will take advantage of any situation so they can avoid work?  

If you answered yes to even ONE of these questions, then you are living with a key bullying behavior stressor. 

These stressors leads to feelings of powerlessness, frustration, insecurity, and fearfulness and that can trigger the defensiveness and aggression of bullying behaviors.

Six Remedies 

  1. Talk with someone knowledgeable about stress and frustration to help you gain a new perspective on your situation
  2. Apologize to people you think you’ve been hurting to help you focus on the future instead of the past
  3. Seek feedback from your colleagues about your behavior-how they see you now, when you were at your best, what triggers your aggression, and what they think you can do to improve your situation
  4. Take a leadership course to develop new motivational skills
  5. Study communication best practices to improve your effectiveness
  6. Assess your assumptions about how people work and challenge any that might trigger bullying behaviors