Case Studies

Here are some coaching scenarios The Confidence Connections Coaching Company has managed:

The problem: An over-sized company needs a Turn-Around

A newly hired CEO is charged with transforming an organization from overgrown to streamlined. The existing team of directors and chiefs needs to be evaluated so that we can decide who stays and who goes.

The solution: Using Kathleen’s approach to coaching, the CEO can evaluate each team members’ strengths and weaknesses, determine how each solves problems, uncover who can work with others and who has a commitment to the primary goal of the organization. Through in-house training for the executive team and individual CEO coaching, Kathleen serves as a shadow Chief of Staff and operations consultant until the organization is aligned with appropriate overall goals and strategic outcomes.

 The result: The organization turned itself around with a minimum of firings and a maximum of savings.

The problem: Managing Up

A CEO with 7 years on the job has been overwhelmed with job ‘bleed’. It is no longer clear who does what and her team has started to ‘delegate up’. The more this Chief steps into the fray the less responsibility the team takes.

The solution: As coach and consultant, it was Kathleen’s work to assess the strengths of the team, determine who might be undermining the authority of the Chief, and realign responsibilities with job descriptions.

The result: In the process of the work, one position was added, 2 team members moved on, and the CEO was able to disconnect from her other responsibilities and focus on what was most important-the big picture growth of the organization.

The problem: Handling a Merger

A company was positioned to absorb a competitor and struggled with determining who would merge into the existing company and who would be released upon absorption.

The solution: Using key tools including the Kolbe Index and the trademarked Confidence Conversation Tool, as well as team functioning models, the Confidence Connections Coaching Company pulled together the emerging leadership team and helped the company retire those who would not fit the key goal of the organization.

The result: The corporation gained major revenue opportunities and eliminated long-term employee mismatches and outdated goals and objectives.

The problem: Team Dysfunction

A small company was having problems with team cohesion and thus with meeting commitments and moving the business forward.

The solution: By assessing the native problem-solving styles of the team members, the Confidence Connections Coaching Company was able to reassign tasks so that each member of the team was working with their strengths.

The result:  Creating a foundation of trust increased everyone’s willingness to have productive conflict that was focused on solutions instead of name-calling. Office gossip and frustration decreased and the bottom line increased. One member who could not tolerate the pressure created by the increased accountability was replaced with someone better suited to the team mindset.

The problem: Old Sales Strategies

A mid-size company had a solid team of executives but declining sales. The sales manager had an old-world style of linear, high-pressure selling that no longer matched their target market. Therefore the team was seeing decreasing returns on their marketing and selling activities.

The solution: As the developer of Professional Selling for the 21st Century Training Program, the Confidence Connections Coaching Company trained the team in new methods of relationship building selling and tweaked some of their phone scripts and presentation content.

The result: Close rates increased and the sales force found renewed focus and enthusiasm.

The problem: Poor Communication styles lead to Sexual Harassment allegations

An academic organization was struggling with misunderstandings and communication breakdowns that could have been construed as sexual harassment or just poor management training.

The solution: The Confidence Connections Company has a complete sexual harassment module that it brings to companies which is coupled with core communication strategies that take judgment, contempt, criticism, and stonewalling OUT of the conversations.

The result: Miscommunications decreased, sexual harassment complaints decreased, investigations of complaints were streamlined and findings were more acceptable to all involved.

The problem: Presentations that Don’t Work

Solo-practitioner must make substantive presentations in order to sell his services but he’s bogged down in the details and easily derailed when developing presentations. So, while the product is outstanding and delivered on time and below cost, it’s hard for the consumer to see the benefits for the features.

The solution: Working with the Confidence Connections Coaching Company helped this client develop a structure that allowed him to accept any presentation opportunity with a mere 5 minutes notice. 

The result: Opportunities to present increased, as did his business.

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