Organizational Charts: Who’s the Boss?

Organizational Charts Clarify Roles

It is amazing, but something as simple as an Organizational (Org) Chart can help you reduce workplace conflicts because a great deal of conflict comes from not knowing who does what. Org charts clarify roles and responsibilities. You can define where the buck stops, so to speak. You can assign duties and shift lines of authority. All of these changes help reduce conflict.

Who’s the Boss?
One of my clients is the COO of a rapidly growing non-profit in my fair city. Her challenge was that this rapid expansion had muddied the org chart so people were not sure of their roles, their responsibilities, and lines of authority (“Who is the boss?” I asked.) This was compounded by the fact that one key employee wanted to do it “the old way” where he had his hands in every pot. His interference in certain areas created quite a bit of conflict among the staff. This key employee was beginning to seem like a “bully”.

Organizational Charts: Tool for Success

The challenge for the COO was to create an org chart that reflects the new organization, new roles and responsibilities, and then make sure the org chart was used as a solution to this confusion and conflict. The org chart helped clarify roles and responsibilities. The conflicts subsided and productivity improved. An added plus was that the employees re-committed to one another and to the mission of the organization.

Becoming Part of the Conflict Solution
And, what about the employee who resisted the change? At first, he was reluctant to participate in the activities designed to clarify roles and responsibilities. He was afraid he would lose power. He was afraid he would not be able to be spontaneous. But, he did not like that his reputation was suffering, so he did co-operate. As his fears were allayed and his role became clear, his anxieties abated and his reputation and productivity improved. The conflicts ended.

Organizational Charts Support Your Powerful Future

Time and time again I have seen the org chart work miracles with my clients’ workplace conflicts.  Not only will your employees be more clear about where the organization is going and what their part is, it will also make you more clear about your organization’s power and its future. For more creative solutions to workplace conflict, contact Kathleen Bartle.

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    Organizational chart clear the roles and responsibilities among employees. Org charts help old and new employees to understand the structure quickly and work accordingly.