Company Culture Clashing with Your Employee Expectations?

Company Culture: Do You Have an Aggressive High-Pressure Workplace?

There are many business cultures that reward aggressive and competitive behavior, particularly in science, academia, and law.  Is this your workplace? If so, then you expect the best from yourself and from the people who work for you. You like to win.  And you surround yourself with other people who like to win. After all, competition is excellent for developing the right employees who can succeed in your business, right?

Company Culture Changing?

But now you have new and younger employees who are complaining about the business culture and labeling it aggressive and abusive. These employees can deliver your bottom line, but they do not like the culture. This is a fundamental conflict between the culture of your organization and the needs of some of your new and younger employees.

So, you have a problem. Before you take action, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to change my organizational culture?
  • If so, how much change do I want?
  • What would it take to make the changes?
  • Would I rather say goodbye to those who are not comfortable with this demanding environment?
  • If so, are there any young people who welcome the highly competitive culture of my business?
  • How will a culture change impact my top-level employees?

Consider Carefully
If your organizational culture embraces aggressive behaviors, these are among the critical questions you need to ask yourself BEFORE you take action. The answers to these questions will determine what you should do about the complaints because you are going to have to do something. Ignoring the complaints about aggressive and abusive behavior is not an option because they are expensive and have serious impact on your bottom line.

Company Culture Can Move Forward

If you want to get ahead of these problems, then it is time to contact me, Kathleen Bartle, MA. I am an Executive Conflict Consultant and I can help you answer these questions and help you with an action plan. After all it is your ROI. You need to do everything you can to keep it high and help it grow.