Anger and Responsibility

Tweet To all my clients, colleagues, and strategic-partners: Here are some words to ponder as we embark on another turning point in our lives:  Anger and Responsibility Our brains rest in negativity so as to be ready to respond to anything that feels like a threat (perhaps a physiological response to being chased by lions […]

Feel Like Bullying Someone Today?

Tweet   Three Stressors & Six Remedies for Workplace Bullying Behaviors As more information about workplace abrasive behaviors and bullying flood the popular consciousness, more companies are creating zero-tolerance policies and are refusing to tolerate abrasive or bullying behaviors. It is imperative that you be aware of what might trigger your inner bully and what […]

How do you Manage Stress? Fight, Flight, or Bond

Tweet Do you believe women and men handle stress differently? If so, then you, like UCLA researcher, Shelley E. Taylor, agree. Her UCLA study found that women are far more likely than men to “befriend” in response to stress – seeking social contact when they are feeling stressed while men shun social support. The explanation: […]