When Does Your Risk of Bullying Increase?

Bullying stress and change

Tweet When Does Your Risk of Bullying Increase? If you are a target of workplace bullying behaviors or if you are behaving in a bullying manner, then you might want to look at your environment for an explanation. Recent survey results suggest that you are more likely to be a target or behave badly if […]

Conflict Challenges

Tweet What is your biggest conflict challenge? If you are like most of my clients, then you have one of these problems… A key employee who is alienating others with abrasive or bullying behaviors A team that cannot achieve goals because one or two people cannot ‘share’ or A serious personnel problem because you have […]

The Power of Vulnerability

Tweet If you have ever felt shame, if you have ever tried to control your environment, and if you have ever felt you didn’t ‘belong’, then here is a quick lesson in humanity from researcher and storyteller Brene Brown. The Power of Vulnerability.

Anger and Responsibility

Tweet To all my clients, colleagues, and strategic-partners: Here are some words to ponder as we embark on another turning point in our lives:  Anger and Responsibility Our brains rest in negativity so as to be ready to respond to anything that feels like a threat (perhaps a physiological response to being chased by lions […]

Inside the Bullied Brain

Tweet This is an amazing article on the impact of bullying on children and adults. It is a well-written albeit frightening summary of the impact of hard-core bullying. I am left wondering about the spectrum of abrasive behaviors and their impacts on targets. If you are a target of abrasive and bullying behaviors then read […]