“Bully” May Actually be using Strategic Aggression

“Bully” May Actually be Using Strategic Aggression

What type of Bully are you dealing with?

If you are thinking that there must be some reason you are being treated so badly at work, and that it’s not your fault – you may be right. But it might not be a the “bullying” you think it is. It could be because you are in a competitive situation that spawns a specific type of bullying behavior-strategic aggression. What is that, you ask?

Strategic Aggression occurs in select situations where you are targeted because the aggressor feels he or she is in competition with you. In some cases, this competition is very real and encouraged by the organization you both work for. In other situations, the competition is merely in the aggressor’s mind, but feels very real.

Are you experiencing Strategic Aggression? Should you stay, or should you go? Read more in-depth about this very common behavior, more warning signs to watch, and what separates it from classic “bullying.”

I’m Kathleen Bartle, a strategic consultant on workplace conflict to executives worldwide for more than 20 years. My work brings individualized solutions to your teams’ lost productivity, loss of key personnel, low morale, and the high costs resulting from bullying, abrasive behaviors and interpersonal workplace conflicts. You can contact mehere.