Kathleen Bartle ( is a strategic consultant on workplace conflict to executives in the U.S. and worldwide. Her work helps organizations reduce the billions of dollars in workplace conflict costs. Her strategies include individualized solutions to bullying, abrasive behaviors and interpersonal conflict among employees.

She consults government agencies, non-profits and for-profit corporations, and science and academic research centers where there are two or more employees.  Her work supports a new understanding of workplace conflict, appropriate interventions and solutions, and specialized coaching for everyone involved in the conflict.

Successes include re-aligning teams for greater productivity and an improved bottom line, transferring valuable employees to more suitable positions in the organization, reducing costly litigation for out-of-control employees, and avoiding ineffective and expensive mediation options.  Kathleen helps individuals find new ways to not only understand their behavior and its consequences,  but to change their behavior.

Her clients have included the U.S. State Department, the Progressive Jewish Alliance, The Jewish Federations of Los Angeles and San Francisco, Episcopal Home Communities, The Truman Foundation, The University of California at Los Angeles (Department of Sociology and Department of Family Medicine Research) and University of Southern California (the Law School, Department of Engineering, Student Affairs and Provost offices), The California Institute of Technology’s myriad science departments, The Disability Rights Legal Center of Loyola University, and research departments throughout the United States and abroad.  Other clients include mid-level and startup non-profit organizations. She has had clients in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Germany and New Zealand. Researchers from these countries, as well as in Australia, are using her theories to design new methods for understanding workplace conflicts.

Her myriad clients retain her to evaluate the conflict situation, determine the best candidate for coaching, offer concrete solutions to avoid conflict in the future and train supervisors to handle conflict problems before they spin out of control. She offers effective group and team training programs to reduce conflict and increase productivity, and creates a corporate culture that does not condone or tolerate unproductive conflict.

Her clients say she “understands the problems of abrasive behavior and offers concrete and logical solutions” and she “knows how to guide managers to take charge of the problem and render effective long-term solutions.”  Also, “She’s not afraid of conflict and helps others to identify and change behaviors that are unproductive and costly to an organization” and is “totally committed to helping organizations deal with workplace bullying and abrasive behavior”.

Kathleen’s clients have been in strategic positions in business, non-profit and research environments. Because of her years in academia and science, she understands the unique problems found in academia and science where competition fosters destructive and expensive conflict.

As a conflict consultant, her work includes using her tested proprietary theories and strategies for dealing with workplace conflict, and produces complete assessments of conflict situations. She is able to identify the best targets for strategic consulting and training. Kathleen designs unique training programs for leaders and managers to help them identify the subtle and complex causes of conflict. She is committed to the best interests of her clients and has the unique ability to determine the most cost-effective and long-term solutions for each of them.

Kathleen speaks and publishes on workplace conflict. Her credits include numerous contributions to the field of workplace conflict, beginning in 1976 with her UCLA publication documenting the myriad causes of harassment in academia. She maintains a weblog and has contributed hundreds of web articles and blog posts giving advice to everyone involved in a workplace conflict. She was invited to present her research and applied work on bullying and abrasive behaviors at the Seventh Annual Conference on Workplace Bullying and Harassment 2010.

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