Becoming Conflict Confident

Most of us are driven by our fears-fears of the past, present, future, fears of people, events and especially fears of CONFRONTATION.

Becoming Conflict Confident

The Five Steps to Preparing for any Difficult Conversation

  • How many times have you said ‘I hate conflict’?
  • Do you run away from difficult conversations because you did not know HOW to handle yourself?
  • Are you afraid you cannot reach a positive outcome when dealing with a difficult person?
  • Feel the power of having a new mindset and tool for approaching almost any difficult conversation

If you answered yes to any of these questions, take heart because you are not alone. Millions of people cannot handle confrontation. Regardless of your accomplishments, intelligence, and life dreams, handling conflict is a learned skill.

In this experiential and interactive tele-seminar, Becoming Conflict Confident, you will learn how to handle conflict with confidence.

Participants will learn to cultivate a relaxed, authentic and powerful presence to open up channels of communication with others.

From this program you can expect a greater capacity to 

  • Identify the causes of your fear of conflict
  • Understand how to transform your fears into powerful positive strength with Self-WhisperingTM*
  • Learn the 5 Steps to Prepare for Difficult ConversationsTM model
  • Feel the power of having a new mindset and tool for approaching almost any difficult conversation
  • Attendees will be invited to join Kathleen’s on-going coaching tele-seminars

    This seminar will be recorded and available for participants

    Kathleen Bartle is a CTI certified Co-Active Coach and an ICF credentialed Professional Certified Coach. Her clients say she is a master at bridging the gap between circumstances and opportunities. Kathleen listens deeply, ask questions, and guides her clients to achieve their greatest potential. They learn to identify what’s not working, determine what is REALLY going on and uncover limiting perspectives, beliefs and thoughts. She supports her clients as they shift their thinking patterns and find their strength, courage, and fulfillment.

    *Self-WhisperingTM is derived from Boss Whispering® methods.