Appreciative Inquiry

Wednesday night Aug 5th I attended a monthly PCMA (Professional Coaches & Mentors Association) meeting here in Los Angeles. This is terrific organization with terrific programs and this meeting was no exception. We enjoyed the brilliance of Tenny Poole, Consulting Partner, Corporation for Positive Change, and specialist in Appreciative Inquiry. Appreciative Inquiry, based upon affirmation and appreciation, is both a philosophy and a methodology that explores what gives life to human systems when they are functioning at their highest level. 

Tenny gave us a wonderful presentation on AI and made one simple yet powerful recommendation I wish to share with you.  Every evening stop and think about one wonderful positive thing that happened to you, write it down and enjoy it. Stay in the positive experience. AI is the focus on what is working rather than attempting to fix what is not working (a traditional problem-solving approach). 

It seems that we will see what we want to see. Focus on the negatives, you will things that are negative; focus on what is wrong, ditto. Therefore, focus on what is going well, that’s what you will see; focus on opportunities, ditto. So, try this simple and exciting exercise for 30 days to help shift your mind to what is good and wonderful in your life. 

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