Anger is Not Authority: The Costs of Anger and 5 Ways to Get a Grip on Yourself

Do you feel like you have license to be angry?  Do you experience road rage, public rants, screaming, slamming things, or stomping around?  Does your boardroom resemble an elementary school yard, with your own employees cowering in fear?  Do you wonder why employees do not seem to respond to your tactics?

As a conflict consultant with over 20 years experience handling people who are out of control, what I know is that yelling, screaming and bullying behavior mean the L word. As in, “Game Over You ­Lost.”

Once you raise your voice, you are beaten. You might think you have won, but you have not. Whatever short-term gains you made are outweighed by losses.

What is Lost

  • Respect
  • Control
  • Credibility
  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Dependability
  • Power
  • Authority
  • Creativity
  • Power

These losses are the career killers. You can pretend otherwise but no one is immune to the negative costs of anger. Successes accomplished by anger are always temporary.

How to Gain Control

  1. Be aware that your anger comes from fear or frustration.
  2. Be tactical by remaining calm. Leaders do not succeed if they yell.
  3. Be thoughtful. Intimidation is not a supervisory strategy.
  4. Be strategic by engaging a conflict specialist to help you to use your words to accomplish your goals and win.

As a conflict consultant, I have helped transform people from out-of-control beasts to amazingly powerful kings of the jungle by transforming anger into authority.

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