Anger and Responsibility

To all my clients, colleagues, and strategic-partners:

Here are some words to ponder as we embark on another turning point in our lives: 

Anger and Responsibility

Our brains rest in negativity so as to be ready to respond to anything that feels like a threat (perhaps a physiological response to being chased by lions & tigers) so it is actually quite easy to become angry. That anger response is your adrenalin pumping and is a physical process. However, after 90 seconds it becomes your responsibility to manage your anger.

Your choices: stay angry or settle down.

What does anger do for you?

  Does it keep you safe?

  Does it justify your behavior?

  Does it feed your already negative brain?

  Or, it is just a habit or lack of self-management skills?

Here are some suggestions for helping you handle anger:

Keep your brain busy by exchanging one stress for another. Research shows us this strategy is more restful than going to a ‘quiet place’. Pick an activity that is mentally challenging but fun for you, and you will feel better than letting your brain fester in a negative “rest” state.

Learn some self-management skills including 3 levels of reality; self-whispering; and how to identify and manage the four most dangerous communication styles.

Watch for my new stress-management and stress-reduction programs coming in 2011 where I will teach you these tools for a better life.

Wishing you all a HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year!

Kathleen Bartle