9 Ideas for Helping Yourself if You Have Been Fired by a Boss Who Behaves Like a Bully

intimidateEvery day I read horror stories about bully bosses who fire their victims. Apparently it isn’t enough to bully them, sometimes they have to get the target out of the office before they’re satisfied. If this has happened to you then here are 9 help-yourself ideas:

1. Be kind to yourself. Workplace bullying is a terrible situation that no one should have to suffer.

2. Start looking for a new job. Plan how you will explain your last post but avoid judgmental or condemning language. It’s easy for an employer to see YOU as the trouble-maker. (I know, not fair but real.)

3. Consider working with HR. Bring the facts to the table. Maybe you can get another post in same organization? Be clear you don’t want to go back to working with him.

4. Print out anything he was writing to you, particularly if he was using your social media pages.

5. If you’ve reported problems before, pull up the names, dates, etc.

6. Think who in the organization would align with you if you want to take action.

7. Consider very carefully any legal options you might have. The downside to taking action is you have to stay in the victim role for the length of the case. There’s no way around it. The system requires you to have a victim mindset. This is a very high price to pay and no amount of coaching or therapy can pull you out of this mindset until the case is settled.

8. Review #1 and #2 above.

9. Find your own luck in this and know many of us are working on your behalf.