Clients Always Call me Last!

    After they have been through the pain, anguish, denial and frustration from conflicts, they call me last.

    After they tried mediation, training, threats, and transfers, and still the problem exists, they call me last.

    Even after litigation, they call me last.

    When they are at the end of their rope, they call me. I fix it and the trouble gets resolved. Conflicts are complicated and that is why you need a someone who knows how to solve them.

    I know how to do it. I have done it time and time again.

    And that is why my clients call me last.
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    Why I don’t call people bullies:

    I don’t use hostile and aggressive language to describe people embroiled in workplace conflicts. I don’t even like the term “workplace bully.”
    Here is my point of view on name-calling...

Key employee starts bullying COO
COO learns the true causes and cures for the bullying incidents, which enables her to keep the key employee and save thousands in replacement costs. [Read More]

Abrasive and unresponsive boss asks for action but won’t allow frustrated director to move forward.
Director resolves her conflict by negotiating a different work structure and is able to make her final months in the organization fruitful for everyone. [Read More]

COO bottlenecks team for 3 months
With my guidance, organization replaces the COO and stabilizes its operations thereby saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and keeping 3 key employees. [Read More]

Troublesome employee undermining authority of director supervisor
HR and Directors estimate that 30% of their time was devoted to conflict issues. After my training reports, they train all their managers how to handle conflict, which saves them both time and money. [Read More]